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Juliet C

This is a fast Cabined 26ft fibre glass fishing boat equipped with state of the art electronics and fishing tackle.

High cruising speed and onboard electronics permit us to reach the fishing grounds within a short time and with pin-point accuracy in order to drop the bait in that magic spot time and time again.

We have invested on the best fishing equipment available nowadays on the market with big game offshore reels for game fishing, electronic reels for deep drop fishing and light weight carbon fibre rods for more comfort and responsiveness when reeling in your trophy fish.

The boat is also fully insured for 6 passengers and all safety equipment and VHF radio are always on board and fully functional.

            Juliet C       
Fast Sport Fishing Boat

Stella Maris

This is a 30ft traditional Maltese fishing boat, also known as a “Luzzu”. This wooden vessel is kept in immaculate condition and boasts 2 diesel engines for maximum safety at sea.

The boat is ideal for close range trips intended to target coastal species and offers a large open deck area were you can relax and enjoy our beautiful weather and stunning views as we go past the shore line.

Also in this case the boat is fitted with light tackle sport fishing equipment giving it the right attention to detail and modern touch to enjoy a fun day out fishing with top quality fishing tackle.

Traditional Fishing Boat