The Maltese Islands situated in the middle of the Mediterranean are becoming a hot spot for sport fishing enthusiasts. Since ancient times the locals have ventured out at sea in order to be able to survive and sustain their families since the sea was one of the few recourses that these Islands offered till some time ago. In fact the two main resources in old days were agriculture and fishing itself. Nowadays one can still notice the many fishing villages scattered around Malta and Gozo in memory of those hard days when the survival of families where in the hands of those that risked their lives out at sea with traditional wooden boats, called “Luzzu”, and guided only by a compass at the best of times.

Modern safety and navigation instrumentation has only been around for a few decades and are nowadays compulsory for most vessels.

It is also a new trend in the Maltese Islands to consider fishing as a sport. In fact due to our history and culture, fishing was always considered as a substitute to the every day bread and fishing itself was no fun at all, but just another way how to survive. Obviously times change and even though there are still full-time and part-time fishermen, it is becoming more and more one of those jobs that nobody really wants to do any more.

Nowadays fishing has become more another way how to get away from the everyday life, away from the office, from the traffic jams and mobiles, just to relax for some time out in the fresh air and enjoy the thrill of a day out fishing.


Depending on what kind of fishing adventure you are looking for and your level of experience, you can choose from various options of fishing trips and excursions. We are able to cater for groups, individuals, beginners and also for the hard core anglers. Below you will find our fleet of boats with the various options. For any questions and requests you are welcome to send us an email and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Our services are based on years of experience in the sport fishing scene so you are guaranteed to get the best quality for your fishing adventures.

Non-fishing passengers are welcome given that there is the available space.

  • All our fishing excursions are guided by professional and highly experienced skippers All necessary equipment, tackle & Bait are provided on board.
  • Some soft drinks are available on board for free. Our vessels are equipped with all required safety equipment.
  • Full refund is given if the trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions.
  • Trip’s cancellation is left fully to the discretion of the skipper.

A part of the catch may be kept by our guests in order to enjoy a well deserved meal at a local restaurant specializing in fish at a discounted rate. Just the perfect ending to a memorable day out fishing.


26ft. Fast Fisher – “Juliet C“
Game / Drifting / Deep Drop / Night Fishing

This 23ft. Cabined boat offers a fast and smooth ride targeting offshore fishing grounds for Game fish such as Dorado, Albacore Tuna, Swordfish, Mediterranean Spearfish, Groupers, Snappers, Amberjacks and many more. The species and fishing techniques vary depending on the season.

Onboard equipment

  1. Furuno GPS (chart) / Fish Finder
  2. Lawrance GPS (chart)
  3. VHF
  4. Outriggers
  5. Downriggers

Recommended people fishing : 4 persons

26ft. Traditional LUZZU – “Stella Maris”
Light Tackle Trolling / Light Tackle Bottom Fishing

Aboard the 26ft traditional Luzzu you can enjoy a day out fishing for bottom dwelling species such as Comber, Wrasse, Bream, Pandora, and many more. The equipment used is a light action spinning rod and a medium spinning reel in order to make to most of every catch. Even if the fish are usually not bigger than a 1 pound (400grams) the variety of fish and a day out at sea is the guarantee of a great day out fishing. This option is ideal for family groups and children because the trip can be also combined with a short stop for a swim around in a sheltered bay and also a tour around St. Paul’s islands & Comino.

Onboard equipment

  1. Garmin GPS
  2. Light tackle fishing equipment

Recommended people fishing : 6 persons

15ft. Manta Boat - “Miss Tamia”
Light Tackle Trolling / Light Tackle Bottom Fishing

This 15ft. Cabined Fiberglass boat can take up to two people fishing and depending on the season you can fish either for bottom fishing dwelling species (light tackle) or else also for small-medium sized predatory species such as Saddled Bream, Amberjacks, Travelly, Barracuda, Skipjacks, Dentex Bream and Dorado by spinning or trolling small lures behind the boat. With this technique there will be less fish caught when compared to light tackle bottom fishing but than they will result in bigger and better quality specimens.

Onboard equipment

  1. Lawrance chart GPS
  2. Garmin Fish Finder
  3. Down Rigger
  4. Light tackle fishing equipment

Recommended people fishing : 2 persons

  SHEDULE (can be subject to changes)

Morning Trips : Departure @ 6.30, return @ 12.45 approx. (available from January to December)
Afternoon Trips : Departure @ 13.30, return @ 19.45 approx. (Available from July to September)
Full Day Trips : Departure @ 6.30, return @ 16.30approx. (available from January to December)
Evening Trips : (summer) : Departure @ 18.30, return @ 23.45 approx. (available from July to September)
Evening Trips : (winter) : Departure @ 16.30, return @ 21.45 approx.

Discounts are available for those who book more than one trip.

Two and three day fishing packages are also available, kindly contact us for more information. We are also able to suggest and arrange your accommodation as well as airport transfer so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

  TRANSPORT (Optional)

We can also offer hotel transport (including return trip) at a minimal charge if you require it.

For more details and a personalized quotation kindly contact us.

Your enjoyment is our satisfaction

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