Marsaxlokk Harbour

Literally meaning ‘Southeast Harbour’ this is Malta’s traditional fishing village which is popular mainly for it’s pittoresque harbour and it’s Sunday open air-market. Here you can observe the local fishermen performing their daily routine such as cleaning & repairing their nets.


This is the Maltese traditional wooden fishing boat which is so synonyms with local culture. A few notable features of any respectable Luzzu include a vibrant colorations domaniated by yellow and turquoise tones and the ever-present eye of Osiris said to protect the fishermen while at sea.


Also known as Dorado or Dolphinfish depending where in the world it’s found. Traditionally the offical day in which fishing for Lampki can start is on the 15th of August. The start of the season is marked by the fisherman setting out at sea what are know as ‘kannizzati’ which are a combination of floats and palm leaves with will eventually attract large shoals of fish under the shade and protection these leave create.

Nassa & Konz

Local fishing techniques include the use of ‘Nassa’ which are fixed traps which usually are filled with some form of bait to attarct the unsuspecting fish inside, or ‘Konz’ which is a long series of baited hooks, usually layed out at sea in the hunders and can be used to catch several species including Tuna and Swordfish.

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