Duration: 7 hrs
Type: Private Charter
Persons: Up to 6 persons
Includes: Water and Soft Drinks

Situated in the pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean, midway between the north African coast and the southern limits of the European continent, the Maltese Islands rise from the depths to create a marine habitat home to numerous fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.


The coastline offers a diverse and constantly transforming landscape making it the ideal habitat for several indigenous inhabitants but also a vital stop for migratory creatures mainly birds. Due to our relatively mild winters and ideal weather conditions our excursions can be organised all year round.


Depending on the season Dolphins, Turtles and even giant Blue fin Tuna can be observed and admired in their spectacular beauty.


The west coast of the archipelago, including the isolated outcrop of Filfla, is dominated by sheer cliff formations, the ideal feeding and breading ground for several bird species which take full advantage of this more remote part of the archipelago.


Aboard our vessels we will guide you on a private tour through this magnificent scenery awaiting surprising encounters as we scan the seas and around every corner of the coastline with it’s ever-present mesmerising views. An early start is recommended as usually this is the time in which most sightings occur.


Snacks and refreshments are included in the package to make this your perfect and relaxing get-away with friends and family. You may even decide to stop over in one of the turquoise bays for a quick dip or simply to chill and sunbath.

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