Situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea the Maltese waters are home to a large variety of species. Our relatively tame winter months make it possible to head out at sea almost on a daily basis making it the ideal all-year-round fishing destination.

Based on our knowledge and experience we’ll be able to advise, depending on the time of year, the ideal fishing package to join so you can have the best chances of landing fish on the deck.

Most game fish found around our waters are pelagic and include Albacore Tuna, Bonito, Amberjack, Dorado and Skipjack. There are also several boom dwelling species that offer a real challenge to even the most experienced angler such as Dentex, Grouper and Black Bream.

It’s our local knowledge, fishing spots and life-long experience that will keep you on the fish, giving you the best chances of landing that throphy fish you always dreamed of.

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